• Location
    Chicago, IL
  • LEED Rating Silver
  • Awards
    2017 ARCHITECT Magazine R+D Award: Dynamic ETFE Façade
    AIA Design Excellence Award - Honor Award for Distinguished Building, 2019
    ASHRAE Illinois Chapter - Excellence in Engineering Award, 2019
  • Owner
    Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Architect
    John Ronan Architects
  • Completed

The Kaplan Institute at the Illinois Institute of Technology will serve as the University’s center for the development of innovative technologies. The facility will foster interdisciplinary collaboration and create a culture where innovation will flourish. The program will focus on nurturing creative ideas into significant, viable and successful innovations.

The building will be located at the center of campus and house flexible collaboration spaces that include classrooms, meeting rooms, and workshops. The campus includes historical buildings designed by Mies Van De Rohe that provides unique opportunities for integrated and sustainable design features for the Kaplan Institute.

dbHMS developed a design that maximizes efficient heating and cooling strategies while balancing the aesthetics of the building. The building is served by a radiant composite metal deck that when combined with a dedicated outside air system provides the primary means of heating and cooling the building. In perimeter areas where the building experiences high loads, passive chilled beams provide additional cooling.

These efficient heating and cooling strategies are coupled with passive measures for reducing heating and cooling loads on the building. The Kaplan Institute is designed with an ETFE façade that provides dynamic control over the solar gain and heat loss of the building through a system of compressed air. The façade is composed of layers of ETFE film that overlap or separate to provide control over the thermal properties of the
façade. The lighting systems of the incorporate an all-LED lighting scheme that provides substantial reduction in cooling loads and the energy used by the building.