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Today’s buildings are increasingly complex. Our commissioning team determines to reduce energy costs, optimize system operation, and reduce operation and maintenance headaches.  With the increased priorities of on-time and on-budget project delivery combined with the expanded use of fast-tracked and design-build strategies, this quality-focused process for enhancing project delivery is more critical then ever.

At dbHMS, our Commissioning Authorities lead the process of verifying that building systems are designed, installed, tested, operated, and maintained to save owners money. We help to deliver equipment that functions as designed, occupants who are satisfied, and building operators who are well trained.

Our retro-commissioning and energy auditing services with the ComEd Bright Ideas and Indiana/Michigan Power perform a systematic evaluation of existing mechanical and electrical systems to identify low-cost, energy-saving improvements.  During implementation, we optimize a building’s performance and increase the life-span of building systems without costly upgrades and replacements. 

Retro-Commissioning (Qualified Provider)
Building Enclosure Commissioning
ASHRAE Energy Audits

Energy Benchmarking
Measurement & Verification       


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A building is never more secure or energy efficient than its enclosure.  We apply our dedication to energy saving, quality indoor environments, and risk management to our practice of building skin consulting and enclosure commissioning.  Our services span building science, energy simulation, and commissioning.  This practice is led by an architect with over 35 years’ experience and commissioning process certification.

We offer detailing, constructability, and forensic reviews.  We self-perform both diagnostic and verification testing.  Our procedures comply with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED©) requirements as well as ASHRAE and NIBS standards.

Building Enclosure Commissioning
Peer Review of Façade Designs
WUFI and THERM Evaluations and Predictions
Field Inspections for Building Quality
Whole Building Air Tightness Testing
Infrared Scans
Water Intrusion Testing
Thermal Expansion in Structural Elements