• Location
    Chicago, IL
  • LEED Rating Certified
  • Owner
    Aqua Realty Holdings, LLC
  • Architect
    Studio Gang Architects
    Loewenberg Architects
  • Completed

This unique, 83 story high-rise hotel condominium building in Chicago, designed by Studio Gang Architects and Loewenberg Architects, was completed at the end of 2009. A 225 room hotel fills most of the base and the first 18 floors of the tower. Above that, there are 31 floors of apartments and 28 floors of condominiums. There are also five levels of parking.

For success in the Leadership in Energy and Environment (LEED©) process dbHMS provided a broad perspective and informed judgment on how to complete templates and address USGBC comments. We predicted the effort needed for documentation and the likely reviewer response to strategies. For this project, defining the overall project boundaries and determining strategies for core and shell spaces was crucial to success.

An interesting feature of the design is the use of different glass shading qualities depending on the degree of balcony overhang. Energy modeling was that much more complex as a result. Purchased chilled water keeps cooling energy costs low but also adds to the complexity of modeling.

This iconic project obtained LEED© Certified level certification.