• Location
    Chicago, IL
  • Owner
    Black Ensemble Theater
  • Architect
    Morris Architects Planners
  • Completed

The Black Ensemble Theater is a privately funded new construction project built to provide the organization with a modern and elegant place for art. The 49,000 sq. ft. complex has a 300 seat main stage theater with a 150 seat black box studio, multiple lobbies, entertaining areas, administration offices, music rooms, dressing rooms, a green roof, and an outdoor patio. Additionally, the facility includes 19 enclosed parking spaces and a design shop. 

Energy efficiency was a main aspiration for the project. The main building systems were designed to reduce energy consumption, while the materials were selected based on recyclable content that had little to no volatile organic compounds. Throughout the project, 75% of construction waste was recycled.  Water usage was reduced through the use of high-efficiency and low-flow fixtures; total energy usage for the building was reduced through lighting controls, occupancy sensors, building envelope, and HVAC system. The project is currently in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED©) certification process to obtain LEED© NCv2009 Gold level certification.