• Location
    Grand Rapids, MI
  • Owner
    Spectrum Health
  • Architect
    Integrated Architecture
  • Completed

The Spectrum Health Integrated Care Campus at East Beltline is a new $48 million, 140,000 sq. ft. medical care facility located in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The center serves to consolidate seven existing northeast Grand Rapids office facilities belonging to Spectrum Health, involving about 200 employees.

The majority of the building is tempered by an underfloor air distribution system. Rooftop air handling equipment conditions entering air and pressurizes the underfloor plenum, allowing approximately 100 terminal units to modulate in order to control internal space temperatures. Spaces such as, IT closets and storage areas, are maintained by supplemental unitary equipment. An exterior snowmelt system attached to a hot water boiler plant ensures all walkways stay clear throughout the Michigan winters.

dbHMS was selected to provide HVAC and Controls Commissioning for the project. HVAC Commissioning included a review of the installed mechanical equipment, in addition to all lighting controls and the domestic hot water system.

The Controls Commissioning scope included leading the controls submittal process; reviewing all shop drawings and graphics; generating a controls punchlist; verifying controls sequences; calibrating sensors; confirming alarming and trends; and finally, ensuring that the local building automation controls were fully integrated into the Integrated Care Campus system.